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Hello guys, it's been a busy few months for us, but we're back once again with an update adding more for the same great price of freeeeee. You can download the Etheral Edition of Stay Woke early now. If you miss it now, you'll be able to find it on both the Steam and Itch platforms later this October. This new update has more performance fixes along with a slew of new features.

We have applied the following changes:

  • Progressively dynamic weather fixes
  • Proper boss defeat cut scenes
  • Improved weapon balancing
  • 12 new NPCs added around town
  • New dynamic title menu
  • New "Sewer Gator" enemy type added
  • Ignicio Boss added to City Hall map
  • New hub based mission structure
  • 4 new songs added to the soundtrack
  • Stores you can enter into
  • Dynamic post boss defeat A.I.

Please Keep in mind that all versions of Stay Woke will remain free. We have no intention of charging you for this new edition. We appreciate your time and hope you have fun Staying Woke.

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