Question: Where can I download the Stay Woke?
Answer: Visit our download page. From there, you will be able to download Stay Woke.

Question: What do you guys plan to do after you're done with Stay Woke?
Answer: We have a countdown bar on the main page. Make sure to come back later because we've got some cool stuff planned.

Question: Is there any plans to bring Stay Woke to other platforms?
Answer: As of right now, we are not aiming to place Stay Woke on other platforms, however, that is always subject to change though.

Question: How much space does Stay Woke require to download?
Answer: This games needs roughly around 600MB to download. Please make sure your system meets the bare minimum requirements to run the game. To see if your system meets the requirements, please refer to our download page.

Question: Why did you make a game like Stay Woke? Are you depressed or something?
Answer: Hahaha no, I'm fine. Stay Woke was heavily inspired by Silent Hill and Shin Megami, which in turn are two series with very dark themes and subject matter.

Question: How much does Stay Woke cost?
Answer: This game is free to play.

Question: If I wanted to support you guys via donation, how can I do that?
Answer: You can donate to our Patreon

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