Question: Where can I buy and download Stay Woke?
Answer: Visit the Steam platform. From there, you will be able to buy and download Stay Woke.

Question: What do you guys plan to do after you're done with Stay Woke?
Answer: We have a countdown bar on the main page. Make sure to come back later because we've got some cool stuff planned.

Question: What platforms is Stay Woke available on?
Answer: Stay Woke is offically available on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Question: Why did you make a game like Stay Woke? Are you depressed or something?
Answer: Hahaha no, I'm fine. Stay Woke was heavily inspired by Silent Hill and Shin Megami, which in turn are two series with very dark themes and subject matter.

Question: How much does Stay Woke cost?
Answer: Stay Woke costs 1.99 USD. Given our 30% discount for the holidays, you can purchase it for 1.39 USD.

Question: If I wanted to support you guys via donation, how can I do that?
Answer: You can donate to our Patreon

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